Main Street Gallery
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Group Show: Sam Dixon, Kathy Daywalt & John Hanou
September 4 - September 29, 2019
Opening Reception: Saturday, September 7th, 5:30-7:30pm


Sam Dixon
moscato and the others ii
Moscato and the Others II
16" x 20"

garden moment iii
Garden Moment III
12" x 16"

wine and sprit i
Wine and Spirit I
16" x 20"
color combinations iii
Color Combinations III
18" x 24"

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Kathy Daywalt
forever the moment
Forever the Moment
14 " x 11"

little mother
Little Mother
12 " x 16"
tango partners
Tango Partners
10 " x 8"
under the autumn moon
Under the Autumn Moon
24" x 38"

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John Hanou
blue heron struggling to survive
Blue Heron Struggling to Survive
20" x 30"

Free Falling a Hang Gluiding Experience
30" x 20"
Inner Working of Mt Fuji
Inner Working of Mount Fuji
20" x 30"
bonnies backwindow
Bonnie's Back Window (or Clyde's Demise)
15 " x 36"